What if you didn't have to wait for an appointment?

Meltdowns can keep you away from activities other families enjoy.  If your child has trouble communicating, you may feel unwelcome even in kid-friendly places.

I'm Laura Hackle, and I help parents navigate the unexpected adventure that is raising a child who is different from what doctors, teachers, and other parents expect.  Two insights I’ve gained from experience as an occupational therapist:

  1. Understanding how your child sees the world can mean the difference between a successful day out and a tearful frustration.
  2. Everything, everything takes practice.  As challenging as these situations are, they only become more challenging the longer you wait.

My clients often feel like friends, neighbors, and even doctors dismiss or don’t understand their child’s challenges.  They spend months on wait lists, seeking diagnosis and insurance authorizations.  I teach parents to trust themselves and work with what they have available.

You are the best sensory resource your child has.  

The gifts of your time and attention, love, and affection produce real, measurable results in your child's brain and behavior - and these resources never require a prescription or a funding request.  

Imagine pairing these innate strengths with the strategies therapists use to support your child's development.

Occupational therapy is both art and science.  We can publish the science, but the art of developing skills requires two-way communication.  That’s why lots of pages show how to make cool sensory toys, but few go deep into why your child sees things differently, and how to help him navigate the world. 

In the Whole Self In community, I'll work closely with you to develop the training you need - to understand your child's behavior, learn to calm and develop patience, learn skills, and find the friends and activities your child really enjoys.

If you already work with a pediatric therapist, this community might help enrich the work you do at home.  If you are among the many parents still seeking the right service for your child, or navigating the void between insurance authorizations, then I hope you'll join us - and start putting ideas into action immediately.



As an occupational therapist, I know the things we do each day forge new pathways in our brains and in our bodies, literally shaping us to live the lives we create.

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How to Practice Play

Seeing through your child's eyes is important, but it's not enough.  You'll need to stay connected as you try new things, and find your way back when things go off track.

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