You are Stronger Than You Know

I hope you all had a Happy Independence Day!

We spent ours having fun with local friends, and I noticed something:  That community I dreamed of, where parents and kids of all ages support and include one another, accepting each other's strengths and abilities as they are?  It's all around us!

If you haven't found it, I totally understand.  Siloed in a place where occupational therapy must prove its right to exist, and then prove a child's eligibility to receive it, (and then request authorization) I hadn't seen it, either. 

Yet every day families, friends, and neighbors gather, express their individuality, have fun together, and help one another.  I saw a little boy with motor and speech delays learning to jump on a trampoline with my son.  Parents discussing schools, camps, and which of their children love (or fear) fireworks.  A boy whose needs were not met in the public school, happily building the biggest-glow-necklace-ever with a couple of boys who were "neurotypical."

They do it even without the skills therapists employ to challenge and build upon your child's strengths.  Imagine if that network of people could access those skills!  

That's my dream.  A network of people who will see that little boy on the trampoline and know that if you hold him at the hips and rock him back just slightly, he will bend his knees and then he can jump!  Friends who will see how intently he watches his brother play basketball, and realize that if he had a hoop just his size, he'd be super motivated to squat and stretch (and learn a social skill)!  Or, if they didn't make the connection themselves, a meeting place where ideas like that can be shared and built upon.

If you thought of someone special when you read that vision, maybe you'd like to invite them into the Whole Self In pilot community.  During the pilot phase, no subscription is required to access learning materials, ask questions, and get free consultation on your child's development. 

If you'd like to invite yourself or a friend to try out this resource, you can do so by copying and sharing this link:

How did you spend your holiday week?