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Effective teachers and therapists have one thing in common: they start with understanding how your child sees the world, and build up from there.

Seeing through your child's eyes is important, but it's not enough.  You need to stay connected as you try new things, and find your way back when things go off track.  It helps to have support from someone who knows what to expect.

My experience an occupational therapist has taught me to see beyond the surface of any habit or interaction, and build strategies from real life.  In the Whole Self In community we’ll build strategies together, just like in therapy, with some important differences:

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We’ll assume that anyone and everyone can build on the skills they have.  You will not need to ‘qualify’ with a certain diagnosis or delay.

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You will judge progress for yourself.  We'll provide tools to help you do this, but your level of support and coaching won't be determined by a standardized test.

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You will have access to a community of other parents, teachers, and therapists working through the same kinds of issues as you.  Learn from their stories and questions, and share your own, at any time day or night.


I'm committed to making something different - something that doesn't separate you from friends, family, and community, something that doesn't leave you scrambling to get authorizations and approvals.  

A group that not only understands your journey, but actively develops hands on learning and support alongside you.


Be Part of the Solution

Imagine having a team of skilled therapists you can turn to, without having to wait for authorization or an appointment.

Imagine a community of motivated parents working through the same types of issues as you.  Friends who cheer your success, share your sorrows, and challenge your assumptions.

Imagine you, the parent, choosing which direction to take your child.  Will you focus on making friends, learning to communicate, maybe developing a skill or an interest she can feel proud of?

I've seen firsthand the challenges that families face and the incredible strengths and resilience you develop, so I'm custom-building this community especially for you.  To join our first pilot group, you'll pay only what makes sense for you - enough to keep you motivated when it gets challenging, not so much that it causes more challenges.

Throughout our three month pilot, I'll work closely with you to develop the training you need - to understand your child's behavior, teach calming and patience, learn skills, and find the friends and activities your child really enjoys.


What to expect as a member of whole self in

  • A three month membership in a private online community, where you and other parents can ask questions and access shared resources anytime.  Our community is hosted on Mightybell, so it's free of the usual distractions of social media.
  • Three 1:1 consults with me to go deeper into understanding your challenges and develop a personalized action plan.  Our consults will use Crowdcast, so you can work with me from anywhere and access a replay of our discussions at any time via your own private login.
  • Two interactive presentations each month, on any topic of interest to members.  Experts in fields beyond occupational therapy will be invited to speak, as needed.  Members can get their questions answered live or by viewing the replay on Crowdcast.
  • Unlimited access to training materials created for the pilot group (videos, worksheets, hands on activities)


  • This is not direct therapeutic intervention.  It neither counts as nor conflicts with any therapy your doctor has prescribed.  This training and support is responsive to your child, but is not for your child.  It is for you.
  • This community is not like free Facebook groups you may have joined in the past.  Our membership is smaller, which allows us to go deeper into your child's specific needs and take focused action.  We are not just here to chat, we are here to do the work.
  • You do not have to share a diagnosis to get support.  We work with the whole child.  Consider carefully before disclosing.  Our community is private, but this is not a medical service subject to Health Information Privacy laws.
  • All members are expected to respect the stage of development each person is living.  You are encouraged to share your experience and what works for you, but you may not tell others what they should choose.  This journey has its own unique challenges and rewards for everyone.

Want to preview how online consults will work in our community?  View these free presentations on sensory and behavior challenges!